Saturday, December 11, 2010


sorry you are gonna have to pause the music on my playlist to watch this. but it is. so. worth. it.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

want slash need

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I can't believe i hadn't seen this movie before. it was way ahead of its time and i found it extremely fascinating. it reminded me a lot of wes anderson's films.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

remember how great cubbies were in elementary?
"out of all the times we did stuff together, did we ever actually do anything legal?"

probably not.

i've never really been much of the type that likes to do what i am supposed to do. which is probably why my dad calls me everyday and tells me how much he DOESN'T want me to go on a mission in hopes that i WILL go on one.

dear dad,
reverse psychology doesn't work if you tell me you are using reverse psychology.

in other news,
life is good. i heard this quote i really liked today (heard: i was facebook stalking and read it from some girl's quote box). it went something like......"every sixty seconds you spend upset is another minute of happiness you'll never get back." super cheesy, i know. but it really resonated with me when i read it. i think because it helped me to realize I have control over how I decide to react to situations in my life. I can choose to be angry/annoyed/hurt or be happy and learn to not put myself in those situations i don't want to be in.

i picked up a new hobby cause i was bored friday:

obsessed with this song

Friday, October 8, 2010

i am loving this weather. it seems like mother nature has all her seasons mixed up this year however. the heat from last week and the rain this week has the leaves on the trees confused. they are finally starting to do their thang now though.

fall means layers. lots of layers. fall is my favorite fashion season.

it also means pumpkin flavored goodness: pumpkin bread, muffins, cookies, seeds, etc.

as well as, good television. more specifically another season of america's next top model. thankyoutyra.

this has become the semester of doing things outside my comfort level. i'm not much of a natural leader, i'm not very vocal and i am not good at telling people what to do. so naturally those are the positions i have been put into this year. team captain, natural resource pr/publicity person, and sunday school teacher. my weaknesses will be made my strengths right? i hope so.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

they played mumford and sons on last weeks greys anatomy. it made me cry a little inside.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

i started out hardcore spinning on cardboard

another year of school is here. the thought still makes me sick. summer seemed too short. especially the end. which was the best part. hmmm...

things are already in high gear it seems. back to school. back to running. back to procrastinating. same old same old.

but some things are new and better this time around.



longer hair

more meaningful classes


faster legs

dr. mario

jersey shore party numero dos

i guess i am supposed to call myself a senior (even though i have two more years of this). its strange to feel like i am supposed to be growing up, but also feeling like i am nowhere near being there. people around me seem to be getting that down. maybe. i don't necessarily think being married = grown up. but what do i know?

this summer has brought an unbelievable amount of changes to me. it ended with me feeling pretty content and okay with myself and where i am at. its good and i am excited for this year. but i have to say some goodbyes to summer oh ten.


hyrum dam at midnight

meeting halfway

sports bra runs


spontaneous dance parties

watching hours of arrested development

i will miss you. till next summer.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i am severely disappointed. maybe i have just been naive, but i always have had some faith in people... that underneath everything people are naturally good, caring and want to help others. it is very disheartening the way people treat each other.... the way a grudge can be held for decades and now no one even remembers why.... but no one is going to do anything to stop the cycle of fighting.
i just feel like even when someone wrongs you sometimes the best thing to do is let it roll off you. cause it's normally not worth the fight. don't get me wrong... i don't like it when people are passive. i respect people who tell you what they are upset about and try to deal with it then not hanging onto it forever.
this past week i have watched how my dad and his siblings interact with each other. i guess that is what as sparked my thoughts on this. i don't know how they could treat a stranger the way they treat each other, let alone their own brother... but they do and it makes me sad. i wish we could all have a bit more love and understanding for each other. but i suppose that is too much to ask for.

Monday, March 29, 2010

rip the earth in two with your mind, seal the urge which ensues with brass wires

favorite band of the moment: mumford and sons

heard them on npr a couple of weeks ago. they are my new obsession. i like to go on long walks and have them playin on my ipod. i can't help but dancing as i listen to them. each song applies to some part of my life. love it when that happens.

i would like to just sleep for a good month and a half and wake up to find my life all sorted out. yes i would like that very much. sometimes it really bothers me that my dad won't make my life decisions for me anymore. i try to trick him into making my decisions but he won't. he just keeps reminding me that i need to hurry up and make them. and i agree, but i just get so distracted with this warm weather and playgrounds calling my name.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

two of another, none of a pair

this warm arizona weather has gotten me antsy for summer. six more weeks and i can put into action my epic plans for the summer of twenty ten. it seriously can't come fast enough. school just gets in the way of things sometimes. summer is all i can think about and all that is getting me through the next month and a half.
my summer plans are at last becoming finalized. looks like i am staying in logan, working for the forest service, and going to have weekends full of cliff jumping, otterpop eating, tree climbing, canal floating, bubble blowing, and water balloon throwing.

i guess i should focus on getting through the next six weeks. or even the next couple days. i have been feeling a little trapped in this hotel room.

i wonder if i will ever stop feeling like i need to get out of the place i am in. constant restlessness.

Friday, March 12, 2010

counting all the ideas drifiting away, past and present, they don't matter now the future's sorted out

i have never felt so completely myself in clothes as i did this night.

the boots, the hat and the shirt are all a part of my job attire anyways. i think i could be happy dressing like this for the rest of my life. also, this is how blake dresses normally. it's pretty dang sweet.

i have decided to stop trying to explain my life to people around me when they ask. it's too complicated to send in a text or explain in a conversation that takes place while passing by in the tsc. they don't need to know. it doesn't matter anyways. i love life. life hurts sometimes but that's okay cause that is how we grow. that is all anyone needs to know.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

learn from your mother, or else spend your days biting your own neck

i actually sat in the same place for more than an hour tonight and did homework. this is quite an accomplishment for me.

now i need to learn that it is okay to be in my apartment more than one hour a night (other than sleeping). i always feel bad for the people i live with cause i'm never home and we rarely associate (this may be seen as a good thing to them?).

today i:

offended an 18-year-old girl that just got engaged

gave thumbs up to a couple that just got married while waiting at a red light (cause i knew what they were going to do next)

resisted the urge to eat at cafe rio

started learning how to play a stupid cheesy love song that i can't get out of my head on my mandolin
anyone that knows me, knows why i love this video so much.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

our shadow by day and our pilar by night

just a warning, i am going to get churchy in this post.

i am just amazed as a result of this past weekend. i know my heavenly father knows me and loves me, but it just surprised me so much how much he really does know me. i don't know how i would have survived this weekend without the many church events that went on saturday and sunday: saturday evening stake conference, sunday morning stake conference and a ces fireside. in each of these meetings every speaker touched on something that i really needed to hear at this time. all the testimonies that were shared really touched me and gave me a much needed extra strength. i was asked on the spot to (once again) share my testimony at stake conference. i'm pretty sure people are sick of hearing from me by now, but it still felt great. i have a really hard time verbalizing my feelings, sometimes i feel like it is just a series of grunts and random noises that come out of my mouth. as i listen to the testimonies of others i sometimes can't help but feel a little inadequate, that they are so much more eloquent than i am. but i figure maybe my testimony can speak to those out there that are less eloquent and can see that someone as shy and awkward as me can get up there and feel so passionately about this church. that is my hope.

Friday, March 5, 2010

i dig.
not just because i am asian. but because they are great.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

this past weekend was probably the best weekend in a really, really long time. The work i have been putting into my running the last two and a half years of college has finally paid off and i am completely and utterly happy. :) i know it might be hard for people to understand why this makes me so happy. i guess i just look back on all the illnesses and injuries i have had to go through, early practices, getting out of bed early on a saturday morning to go run in a snow storm...... all that great stuff, and i just realize.... this is why i did it. for this feeling i have right now, for the smile that i can't wipe off of my face. :)
i am so very proud of my team. we finished 2nd in the conference which has never been done since we joined the WAC. they all worked so hard and it was amazing to come together at this meet and put everything we had into it.
i love running with a passion. it is something in my life that i feel like i have control over. whatever i accomplish in it.... no one can take that away from me, because it was my decisions and my hard work that got me there. it has blessed my life in so many ways, the friends i have, the places i get to go, the education i am receiving. my life would be a completely different story without it. i am so grateful for the people in my life that are always so supportive of me (especially the ones that come to practice at 7:15am, and push me through workouts where i am on the verge of tears because i didn't get any sleep the night before and can't hit the paces!).

i am grateful to the amazing artist that sent these to me when they knew i was stressing out about my races.

notice how i am doing the asian peace sign. the explanation behind the girl trying to pick up the quarter is that one of my new favorite pastimes is super gluing quarters to the ground and watching people try to pick them up. :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

i have been floating through life the past couple of weeks. i'm trying not to do anything sudden and rash, trying to think things out. but then i get sick of thinking. so i try to laugh it off. laughter makes everything seem less serious and important. it is good at hiding the truth.

i am grateful for friends who distract me. who eat cafe rio on the floor with me. sit and listen to my stupid stories. friends who buy me food just because. friends that tell me about their crazy lives so i can feel like mine is normal and not confusing at all! friends that i can make crazy plans with that will never actually end up happening, but its okay cause i like pretending to have something big to look forward to. friends that will risk getting in trouble with the law just so i can be distracted for a moment.

i try to just forget. but i can't. i still know what i want, it hasn't changed.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

wild dogs cry out in the night

jessie has been passed out on the bed for the last half hour and i have been stuck in this hotel room for the last 6 hours. i guess i might as well blog or do something semi-productive.

i worry far too much. i know this and people tell me everyday. then i just start to to worry about how much i worry which doesn't help the situation at all. i just hate feeling like i don't have control over my life, my future, my emotions. i don't know what is stopping me from just going along with how things are and having fun. i guess i am just a stubborn person and want my life to be how i picture it in my head. but maybe i just need to realize that is not reality.

this whole exercising faith thing is very new to me. the last 8 months i have tried to put it into practice and have been astounded at how things just work out. even when it doesn't seem like they will at the time.... somehow they always do. the last two weeks i have been so blessed and learned so much. i guess going back to the worrying thing... i know my life will be great however it turns out.

"people will give you all kinds of advice, don't listen to any of it, they don't know what they are talking about, follow your heart and do what you know is right.... because you WILL make the right decisions for yourself."

i want to:
know more
eat chocolate covered cinnamon bears the rest of my life
not get fat from cinnamon bears
make my own granola
finish knitting my scarf
be at the drew danburry show tonight
grow longer hair
have my computer fixed
get my personal progress thing finished
go to haiti
talk like i am from jersey shore
have a plan
know what people are thinking
get a slurpee

i am:
okay with wearing sweats for four days straight
excited for the future
grateful for where i am at
not going to take any crap
happy for parents that taught me to be independent