Wednesday, August 27, 2008

we are like two indians sitting in a canoe

so here i am. back in logan. feeling pretty alone at the moment. my boy is down in salt lake still. and i am up here feeling like the constant third wheel in basically everyone's company. i am really happy for my friends and all of their new boyfriends, but it makes life kinda lonely for me. it's either be the third wheel, or don't hang out with people. it's getting old.

i like all of my classes. i have friends in most of them which is good cause i'm not very good at getting out of my comfort zone and meeting new people.
i love my house and my roomies are alright. there are a lot of jesus pictures up everywhere which is something new to me.
running is going very well, we have a great team this year and i am not injured. things are going very well for me right now..... okay maybe it has just been the past two days..... but i feel like i am on a roll.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

she pulls her covers tighter

i haven't really written on this blog for a great while. i also really haven't talked to many friends/acquaintances in a while, nor responded to their messages/posts/phone calls.
i am sorry if you are one of those friends. please don't take it personally. i have been quite the flaky, selfish "friend" as of late.
sorry. it just has not been a good few months for me. i don't want to explain it but i hope my friends can understand.
so since summer is ending for me today. i thought i should maybe recap some of the poignant happenings and things i will miss...... but i have to pack because i am moving back up to logan tomorrow morning.... so that is going to have to wait.