Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i am severely disappointed. maybe i have just been naive, but i always have had some faith in people... that underneath everything people are naturally good, caring and want to help others. it is very disheartening the way people treat each other.... the way a grudge can be held for decades and now no one even remembers why.... but no one is going to do anything to stop the cycle of fighting.
i just feel like even when someone wrongs you sometimes the best thing to do is let it roll off you. cause it's normally not worth the fight. don't get me wrong... i don't like it when people are passive. i respect people who tell you what they are upset about and try to deal with it then not hanging onto it forever.
this past week i have watched how my dad and his siblings interact with each other. i guess that is what as sparked my thoughts on this. i don't know how they could treat a stranger the way they treat each other, let alone their own brother... but they do and it makes me sad. i wish we could all have a bit more love and understanding for each other. but i suppose that is too much to ask for.