Monday, November 23, 2009

thank you very much

this week i have been thinking about all the blessings in my life that i am so thankful for. there are so many that i don't want to list all of them and bore you... but here are the top ones that are most important to me.

my parents
i am so thankful for my parents and all that they have taught me. my father taught me the importance of hard work to reach your goals. he always taught me to never give up when life is tough. he taught me the importance of being healthy and active. my mother taught me unconditional love for others and she is such a great example to me of someone who is selfless. through her example and her life story she has taught me to be thankful for the life that i have.

my brother (seen here in the middle)-
Tim is such a great guy with a sweet heart. though he is 7 years older than me he would always play with me when i was younger. i love his adventurous spirit and attitude. he has always worked so hard in school so that he could become the successful man he is today. i wish i had more of that drive in school.

Spring Break 2009-
this trip to oaxaca, mexico quite literally changed my life. it was quite a random trip but i felt like i was really supposed to go. and i did and it changed everything. the ruins pictured below are what sparked my curiosity in reading the Book of Mormon.

Blake Hunter Thomas (pictured center)-
one of the greatest people i have ever had the pleasure of meeting. he is so strong in so many ways and is always such a great example to me of how it is possible to live righteously and still have fun. :) he makes me smile and laugh, cooks me dinner, rubs my feet, helps me study, tells me i am pretty, listens to me rant, plays the guitar for me, dances in the kitchen with me and so much more. in conclusion, he is great and i am blessed.

my job-
how many people can say they get paid to hike and have this as their office? not many. i am so thankful to have had a job that i would look forward to going to everyday, with people that i loved so much.

though i am probably the least musical person on earth, i feel i can appreciate it greatly. music makes me happy. i know i am happy because i cant stop singing. it calms me like nothing else can. there is nothing that can lift my spirits like a good show from this bearded fellow below.

ponies and kittens-
they make me smile.
running has been something that has greatly blessed my life. it has taught me so much about myself and about what i am made of. it has helped me to know i can do anything i set my mind to if i just have patience and determination. it has opened so many doors for me that i never would have had otherwise. it has allowed me to go to college, travel, have a social life, and feel a great sense of accomplishment. i am so thankful for a team that works hard. it is such a great feeling to work together with these group of girls and win together.

my friends-

i have so many wonderful friends in my life. they have taught me to be myself and have fun. they have gotten me through some pretty rough times. i am so grateful to those friends that helped me to grow to love the church and continue to do so. they are such great examples to me. each of them for different reasons. caroline and lexie are two of the funnest girls i have ever met. there is never a dull moment with them and i always feel like i can be completely myself around them.
the boys: heath, logan, and steve, who have always been like big brothers to me. i always feel very protected when i am with them. their door is always open to me and i know if i called any of them for anything they would help me out right away. they sat in every missionary discussion and answered all my questions that i felt too embarrassed to ask the missionaries. Logan is the wise one that is solid as a rock. heath is my scripture study buddy, and even though he is in texas now, he is still one of my very best friends. steve cracks me up and has great appreciation for good fashion, which everyone knows.... i LOVE!
there are so many great people in my life that have helped shape me into the person i am today. and though i have lost touch with many of them, i still think about them and the memories we have very fondly.
and last but not least,
the thing i am most grateful for that has allowed me to have all these wonderful things in my life is the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for the testimony that i have. i am thankful that i can have the holy ghost with me all the time helping to lead me in the right direction, because i really need it (sometimes life just gets too crazy). i am thankful for the atonement and how it lifts my burdens, and the Book of Mormon and the peaceful feeling i get when i read it.
life is so wonderful. i am in love with it.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

you don't mean anything to anyone but me

i wish i could write something extremely witty, intelligent and funny right now, but i think my brain cells are pretty much dead. i have finally gotten in the groove of studying every free moment i have and pretty much letting that be my life.
i have been in a pretty annoyed mood lately but i think that has come to a pass now. i just was getting so frustrated with things and needed to take a step back to look at the eternal perspective.

it helps so much.

for one of my classes this guy came and talked about financial stuff. like credit card debt, investing, and a lot of really big words. i am going to be honest and say that it scared me a lot. it scares me to think that i am going to have to start thinking about that soon. and about trying to survive out there in the real world. i don't ever want to have the kind of job where i work 8-5, come home tired, wake up and do it again. i don't want a job where i don't feel like i am making a difference and making the world a better place. and it scares me to think that is what i am going to end up with.

i am grateful for so much right now:

all of my amazing friends- i know i love you all way more than you love me. but i am so grateful you are in my life.

priesthood blessings- this is helping me get throught the next two weeks on a possible stress fracture in my tibia.

blake-who-is-the-best-cuddler-and-writes-songs-for-me-on-the-guitar- :) hil-freaking-arious. i am addicted. these guys are awesome, one went to my high school, but since they use fake names i don't know who it is. it is killing me. i love their honesty and all the juicy, juicy drama!

spoon me- love this place. i crave it everyday. and i love eating it because i don't feel guilty after! huzzah!

running-though it sometimes is the cause of a lot of stress, nothing beats the feeling of being faster than someone.