Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a million day funeral

right now i am going through ups and downs like a rollercoaster that has lost its brakes. one minute i am completely fine and emotionless, the next minute i can't stop the flood.
probably the best advice i have ever gotten was to "fake it till you make it." and i think over the years i have mastered this. and it works wonders.
it's nice to know that in the end everything in my life will work out. it will all be okay. relying on that thought is what keeps me smiling when i feel unsure.
or as steve's mom said, i'm like the weiner dog that had a body so long that it takes a while for its emotions to get from his head to his tail. so even if it has a sad face on, its tail is still wagging for something happy that happend in the past.
sorry. i think i slaughtered that. it was more effective when she told it. it had a good point though.
sorry this is short. and pointless.
sorry i apologize for things too much.