Monday, April 27, 2009

the start of something

things i love. (inspired by people that are more positive than me)

my name is kimberly tu quinn, kimmie, kimmiecat, kimster, kimmie poo, kimmie co., kimalinalin, kimbo.
i am in love with wearing sandals. mostly because then my feet don't stink as much.
i love the trees in the spring/summertime. okay. i love trees all the time.
i love people who appreciate the beauty and majestic-ness of unicorns as much as i do.
i love elyse's kaleidoscope and how i spent an hour looking into it today.
i love that people think it's so funny to tickle me. because i laugh really hard. what they don't know is i love to laugh. therefore getting tickled isn't all that bad.
i love that i will be sleeping on a couch for 3 weeks
i love knowing that i am going in the right direction
i love making summer plans even though i know half of them will fall through
i love friends that make time go by way too fast.
i love being able to call a friend after two years and have it seem like nothing has changed.
i love the thought of not having to grow up for at least 3 more years
i love how it is skirt-otterpop-tree-climbing weather now!
i love being with loganboy and how he makes me smile like no one else can.
i love drew danburry shows/songs and how they make me feel less tense about life.
i love musically talented people, probably because i am musically and artistically challenged and i just greatly appreciate their abilities.
i love the feelings i still get when i look at pictures from mexico. and realizing now, that it was a life changing week.
i love life so much. and i love that i have surrounded myself with people who feel the same way.
i love bonfires and how they make everything you wear smell like campfire.
i love that i am a fan of hand holding, kissing, cuddling, sarcasm, smiling, rain, eating, sleeping, and hugging. but i don't feel a need to prove it by joining a group on facebook.
i love putting raspberry jam on pancakes because i feel like maple syrup can be too overwhelming.
i love making musical mixes and sharing them with people i care about.
i love songs that make me feel nostalgic.
i love hearing jeff play/sing sometime around midnight on his guitar and i love how i now think of him as a great friend of mine.
i love seeing my friends striving to be better. it makes me want to be better too.

Friday, April 24, 2009

blakey poo.

a very close friend of mine passed away last thursday night. i can't even believe this is real. we had planned on having him come up to logan for a visit, but every time he called me to plan a day something came up and i was always too busy. i am kicking myself right now.
i just can't even believe it.
he was such a great guy, i have never in my life heard one bad thing said about him. he always had an infectious smile on his face.
he helped pick up the pieces after the break up 4 months ago. he would sit and listen to me talk about trivial things in my life. but he was just that kind of person. he knew when someone needed a friend and he was there. i am so thankful for that.
the only thing that gives me comfort is knowing that i will see him again. i wonder how i would have felt had this happened two months ago to me. it is still painful, but i know now that i will see him again.

blake, you were such an awesome guy. you always put a smile on my face and you always listened. i am sorry that we never got a chance to paint the town of logan red, and i am sorry i never brought you cookies like i promised. you taught me not to sweat the small stuff and that even when we have trials in our lives you can still go through them with a smile on your face. i miss hearing you whisper funny comments in my ear during boberg's long lectures. i miss having you be the mediator in political science between the debaters and the non-debaters. you were great. there is no doubt about that. i will never forget you and i can't wait to see you again.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

decision to decisions are made and not bought

so many exciting things are happening very quickly right now. if it all didn't feel so right i would say it's happening to fast. but it's not. it is amazing what just having an open mind and an open heart can do for you. i have experienced things i never would have thought possible. it's life changing and i'm excited.