Wednesday, September 29, 2010

they played mumford and sons on last weeks greys anatomy. it made me cry a little inside.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

i started out hardcore spinning on cardboard

another year of school is here. the thought still makes me sick. summer seemed too short. especially the end. which was the best part. hmmm...

things are already in high gear it seems. back to school. back to running. back to procrastinating. same old same old.

but some things are new and better this time around.



longer hair

more meaningful classes


faster legs

dr. mario

jersey shore party numero dos

i guess i am supposed to call myself a senior (even though i have two more years of this). its strange to feel like i am supposed to be growing up, but also feeling like i am nowhere near being there. people around me seem to be getting that down. maybe. i don't necessarily think being married = grown up. but what do i know?

this summer has brought an unbelievable amount of changes to me. it ended with me feeling pretty content and okay with myself and where i am at. its good and i am excited for this year. but i have to say some goodbyes to summer oh ten.


hyrum dam at midnight

meeting halfway

sports bra runs


spontaneous dance parties

watching hours of arrested development

i will miss you. till next summer.