Friday, November 30, 2007

i'm your new friend kim.

the main reason for this blog is so that i have a place other than facebook to writes stuff. i have a xanga, but i'm annoyed with it now, so i thought i would try out this one. facebook is stupid sometimes because people read too much into what people say and somehow everyone ends up offended. it's lame.

what's new?

well, i now have a new way of tying my scarf. elyse taught me. instead of the usually just-keep-wrapping-it-around-my-neck-until-i-can't-breathe-way, i do this tricky new double-up-and-loop-it-through-a-hole-thing. it's pretty niffty.

i'm pretty sure i've lost at least five pounds in the last 48 hours. i really don't want to gain it back so i'm seriously considering going on a chicken broth and water diet for the rest of my life. geh. i don't think i could do it. i'd have to add ice cream in there somewhere and i'm pretty sure that would cancel out any weight i lost. oh well. i'd rather be fat and be able to eat ice cream.

my neighbors next door had a new roommate move in. he doesn't speak english. this is what we know about him so far:
1-he is asian. he didn't tell us this, but we can assume because he cooks chicken and leaves it out just like my mommy does.
2- he's like 30. again, we have to assume, because he doesn't speak english.
3- he's really smart. cause he's asian of course.
4-he's from china. aren't all asians?
i find him really cute. he's like a lost puppy. today i watched as he got on the wrong bus. he yelled something in asian and the bus driver opened the door so he could get off. i felt bad for the little guy.

geh. class starts soon. bye.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


well, i've decided to try out this whole blogging thing. i highly doubt anyone will read this, but oh well.

i really have nothing important to say right now. i'm just getting over a fever and should go to bed now.

till later then.